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Colorado School of Mines Panhellenic Recruitment

1500 Illinois Street | Golden, CO 80401 | 3032733208 | minessororityrecruitment@gmail.com | www.mines.edu/greek-life


Mines Panhellenic Recruitment Registration Page 


Congratulations on your acceptance to Mines! We, the Panhellenic Recruitment Team, are so excited to see your interest in becoming part of our community not only at Mines but in our Panhellenic sisterhood on campus! 


We are currently planning on a fully in person recruitment this year with no mask required. We will keep you informed if there are any changes to these plans. To accommodate potential changes, we are recommending you include a short video talking about yourself! We would love to hear about things like why you chose Mines, why you are going through recruitment, fun facts, and anything else you want us to know about you! The video should not exceed 5 minutes in length. 


Primary Recruitment Schedule 


Recruitment Day 1: Sisterhood 

Saturday, August 27th from 10:15am to around 4pm in Brown W280

Sisterhood Round is meant to introduce you to each sorority by discussing events that the sorority participates in as well as getting to know more about their individual scholarship, leadership, and involvement levels. 


Recruitment Day 2: Philanthropy * 

Sunday, August 28th from 10:15am to around 2:30pm in Brown W280

Philanthropy round is an invitation only chapter night meant to discuss events that the chapter hosts to support their philanthropy and other community service opportunities.


Recruitment Day 3: Preference * 

Monday, August 29th from 4:45pm to around 9:30pm in Brown W280

Preference Round is the final invitational round that focuses on the tradition of the chapter. Chapter’s will perform a ceremony and talk about their own experiences in their sorority. This is a night meant to show you what it would be like to be a part of that chapter. 


Recruitment Day 4: Bid Day *

Tuesday, August 30th at 5pm on Kafadar

You will find out if you were invited to be a part of a chapter! It’s a giant celebration of the new members being welcomed to their chapters and meeting their new sisters!


* By invitation only



Make sure to be on the lookout for some newsletters sent to the email you used to register packed full of information about recruitment! Questions and time conflicts can be sent to Tatum at minessororityrecruitment@gmail.com!

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